In praise of phlox

Tall garden phlox. I have to pull volunteer phlox out all the time, because they self-seed everywhere. But I leave plenty, as many as I can. They cross pollinate and you never know what color combinations will appear. Here are a few of the dozens of different variations:

white with just a hint of pink in the center.

very gentle lavender shade. This is a shorter variety, maybe 2.5 feet. Some phlox zoom up over my head!

a bright pinkish red one with a tiny crab spider

pale pink with a darker eye

darker purple, with white feathers

phlox with echinacea and white cleome, another exuberant self-seeder

this shows why the hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, and bees/bugs of all kinds and butterflies hang out in the back yard. Some of the phlox in this picture are six feet tall!

Daylilies are past peak but still blooming beautifully. I start every morning in daylily season walking slowly around the garden carrying a deadheading/weeding bucket to snap off yesterday’s spent blossoms and grab any weed I might see. It’s time to smell the lilies and get pollen on my nose, listen to birdsong, breath in the morning air, enjoy summer. I watch for critters–yesterday we saw a garter snake. There are toads and snails, and the other day I saw a red eft! Didn’t get a picture, though. Here are a few of the daylilies:

this is primal scream, a show stopper

a white one, from my friend Karen

I love this one! It’s very short, with 4 inch blossoms, but has sturdy scapes and the flowers are so sweet–a rich creamy white with crimped edges to the petals and that showy center. I don’t know the name of it.

I think this is called “Startle”. It used to be the fanciest one I have, until the other day when I picked up one called “rumpus” from a friend. picture coming later.

And ending with the usual cat picture, here is Mr Fluff sitting with me as I try to be still once in awhile to just be in the garden–I usually see something I want to do and jump up after a few minutes. The cats are better at just hanging out.


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