mid-July garden report

It’s been very dry for a month or so but last night and this morning we finally got some real rain. This morning I went around the yard taking pictures. Daylilies are the main attraction at the moment, but hummingbird and butterfly flowers are also well along: beebalm, echinachea, and phlox are the three most common of those that I have. Swallowtail butterflies are out in force, and at least six hummingbirds have been zooming around the place. First, the daylilies:

Apricot Sparkles, a small but sturdy flower.

Primal Scream, on the other side of the size spectrum.

big bright blossoms of this daylily, whose name I don’t know, are like satin.

the more delicate graceful blossoms of the daylily hyperion, very fragrant!

given to me by a fellow daylily enthusiast, but I forget the name. I love the color.

every year I post photos of this lily, my favorite–or one of my favorites! Came to me from White Flower Farms, a selection they offered one year of 18 unnamed lilies. Not only is this lily beautiful, but it also is very fragrant, and vigorous, expanding so fast I can (and have) divided it many times.

OK, enough of the daylilies, here is the back yard butterfly garden, pretty much in full swing now.

beebalm and phlox and false sunflower predominate.

delphinium are almost done. the echinacea are in full bloom.

I caught a nice picture of a bumblebee enjoying a culver’s root flower:

love the antennas and the shiny eyes!

I should also mention hosta flowers as good hummingbird fare:

the hostas are just starting to send up their flower stalks.

While the back yard is a riot of color, the shady, dry front yard is mostly green.

in the front yard I rely on several very tough plants to survive the dark, dry conditions there: hostas, cimicifuga, dicentra, goosneck loosestrife, ferns, turtlehead (chelone) and solomon seal.

As a last note, the very first dahlia blossom has started to open!

the first dahlia!

and, thanks to the birds and chipmunks being careless at the bird feeders, we have a lot of volunteer sunflowers and they are starting to open.

sunflower with a bumble bee at the center.