animal antics and in praise of hostas

The garden is awash with chipmunks, and our two elderly cats don’t bother chasing them. I caught this little chippy snacking on the centaura flowers this morning:

checking the menu

excellent choice

yum yum!

I put a small charming birdbath in Mimi’s Garden of coleus and begonias, and a bigger classic style one in the meditation garden. We are eagerly waiting for birds to discover and use them. This morning I found out why the birds are not using them:

Tater takes a drink

why did she put my water dish so high up?

We have white-crowned sparrows, humming birds, and cat birds as regular visitors of the back yard, but the house wren really dominates there. The other day I noticed them stuffing our nice new bluebird nesting boxes with twigs. They did a very thorough job. The little rascals want to make sure no other bird can use them!

out of service; not for rent or lease. signed, the back yard landlord and lady

Deer are, amazingly enough, not much of a problem for us. They prune the shrubs a bit over the winter, but that’s about it.  And this year they enjoyed some hosta snacking:

radical pruning for this hosta

They would have to eat a lot of hosta to make a dent in my garden. Here are some of the hostas around the garden:

hostas in the very dry,  heavy clay soil, in 100% shade of the potting shed spot, and doing just fine

under the kitchen window, monster hostas that I have to cut back several times a year. I keep dividing them and they keep spreading just as fast.

these hostas thrive in acidic, sandy, dry soil under a row of pine trees.

I used to dislike hostas, but now I have them all over the garden. Here are a few pictures showing their lovely colors, patterns and shape.




1 thought on “animal antics and in praise of hostas

  1. Those kitty pictures are just perfect Anne. And you can see the yellow kitty in the background of the birdhouse picture. Thank!

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