and the race is on

It seems that plants in the north country get a late start and then make up for lost time. Leaves on the trees are out, apple trees are blooming, and garden plants are growing like crazy. Here is the shade garden under the east-facing apple tree:

May 23

We have a new garden feature: a birdbath in the meditation garden!

the birds have not discovered it yet, however.

We bought two pretty bluebird houses and put them up on the telephone pole in the back yard. Not sure about the location: they are supposed to prefer open fields. We’ll see what happens. There is a tiny, bold, loud house wren that rules the back yard. Hopefully it will tolerate some other birds. 

The front yard is green and leafy, getting more shrubby, which is what we want. I’m going to yank out the euonymus and a weigela shrub and the white spirea, and plant instead natives like dogwoods and viburnum.

the front yard from the top

and from the bottom

I have been putting wood chips on the paths, using the very convenient pile provided for free to the community by the town.

wood chip paths last a long time and look nice. this is the white garden.

I had David take a picture of me this morning at this daily activity:

shoveling wood chips

Peonies are budded and want to be staked. The lilacs are dominating the flower show right now, along with tulips. Here is the tulip bed:

I ordered several hundred tulips last fall from Color Blends, mostly the double variety. I really like them, especially the pink ones called Aveyron.

Aveyron tulips. The color is just gorgeous, and both the pants and the flowers are sturdy, holding up to wind and rain. The flowers last a long time in a vase, too.

lavender double tulips, heavy with yesterday’s rain

double tulip with raindrops

These tulips are showstoppers, but other flowers are blooming: bleeding heart, woodland anemone, woodland phlox, violets, wild ginger, lily-of-the-valley, johnny-jump-ups, solomon’s seal, and probably more that I’m forgetting right now!

anemone, henbit, unfurling hosta, and johnny-jump-up







1 thought on “and the race is on

  1. Anne you need a truck! A nice small truck that doesn’t mind horse manure and mulch in the back of it. Everything looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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