Late April in a late Spring

April started out very cold; it has only warmed up in the last few days. The thousands of daffodils in the garden came up, got snowed on, iced on, and rained on, without being in the least bothered. A model of patience. They stayed an inch above ground for weeks while temperatures hovered around 30 degrees. As soon as it warmed up they shot up and made buds–the first few opened this morning. Crocuses bloomed even earlier, some of them in the snow. 

Here are a few other garden scenes, the back yard where I did some raking:

under the apple tree, back yard

This is what daffodils have to deal with where I haven’t yet removed last year’s phlox stalks and other garden “debris”. 

Grass, leaves, old stalks–but it hasn’t stopped the chiondoxa from blooming, and doesn’t stop the daffodils either. Still, it’s nice to rake and neaten in the Spring:

The front yard has not been raked and a thick layer of maple leaves covers everything.

Bright green leeks and purple bluebell (mertensia) sprout in spite of the leaves.



In the garden the first big show belongs to the daffodils. Now there are only buds–but in a week or so the place will explode in yellow.

Happy Spring!


2 thoughts on “Late April in a late Spring

  1. Thanks for the reminder about leeks. I’ll have to go to my friend Mare’s in a month to dig some. We hope to see you on Mother’s Day.

    • Oh boy, I’d love to see you on Mother’s Day! But if you can’t maybe you can make it on another day. We got the floor redone in the living-room and it’s so pretty! You’d really appreciate it, I know.

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