brown, brown, brown

and lately, some snow again. Last week I took some pictures of the garden after the snow melted. The green in this picture of the white garden is Lamium purpureum, known as red dead-nettle, a vigorous ground-cover I didn’t plant. It’s not native, as far as I know, and I have no idea where it came from. I have weeded it out in past years, but I’m thinking I’ll give up and let it go. It does have flowers, so it’s probably good for insects.

Here is Mr. Fluff, and our decrepit compost heap, and our Aldo Leopold bench in the background. 

Here is the front yard, with lots of stalks, leaf litter, and other straggly stuff.

The back yard is also the same basic brown.

In the vegetable garden all is orderly and ready for spring planting. Under a plastic and wire cover, spinach has made it through the whole winter! We’ve had it for meals already this spring. Amazing.

Last but not least, a sign of spring!


1 thought on “brown, brown, brown

  1. Great pics of that spinach Anne! How cool is that to have it all winter? We’re in the South where there is lots of color and sunshine. Be well My Friend.

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