Late August garden report

I have not posted much this summer since I’ve been away from the office where the computer I use is located. Today classes started again and I’m back at it, so posting should be more regular. Some things about the garden are the same as ever–one is that the cats love to hang around near us when we’re out in the gardens. Here is Mr Fluff enjoying the Canadian white cedar bench in the back yard:cat and bench

It’s the season of berries now. The spotted-wing fruit fly is decimating our red raspberry patch but I picked a lot of wild blackberries and in the garden the viburnum are doing their thing:arrowwood vibernum berries

Yesterday I saw two fledgling catbirds trying to eat my red glass bead decoration–which I decided to take down in case they actually eat one! Bird population in the garden is very high this year. The most common ones are house wren, hummingbirds, catbirds, phoebes, goldfinches, cedar waxwings, and robins–at least these are the ones we see most often. dahlia

I’m off to class now, will post again soon!




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