frost approaching

These days the weather forcast keeps threatening frost–so far we haven’t had a hard frost, but I took a few quick photos of annuals before getting in the car to go to work the other day, just in case. The garden next to the still-a-work-in-progress white garden is mostly annuals, planted under and around the old swingset. In this picture you can see the cat’s head home-made bird-house our friends gave us, and the apple tree branch trellis we put up for the red honeysuckle vine. To one side is a vigorous trumpet vine. You can also see the compost bin, and the bright annuals planted there: petunias, marigolds, pansies, and dianthus. To the side of the compost bin is a giant annual tithonia (Mexican sunflower)–we got the seedlings from David’s sister and they turned into bushes.  annual-garden-and-compost-binHere are a few close-ups from that area:

a lovely dark red petunia and a few hastily placed rocks.
a lovely dark red petunia and a few hastily placed rocks.
cute little annual dianthus
cute little annual dianthus
marigold with rocks and sticks
marigold with rocks and sticks

I kneeled down and got a close-up picture of this marigold plant. It is one of the few survivors of the nightly raccoon destruction we experienced in the early summer. You can see in this picture my design habit of putting lots of rocks in the garden–low border walls and scattered around singly or in little piles.  I find that crickets and spiders and other creepy crawly friends love these rocks. And I like to “plant” dead branches and sticks in the garden–I don’t know why but I think it’s fun. And I’m always happy when I see a bird perch on one of the taller ones.


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  1. Michele Whalen says:

    Still beautiful over there Anne!

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