Using wood and stone

In the last year I’ve been adding a lot more wood and large stones to the garden. We’ve also been getting more serious about putting in a few small ponds or fountains, but that will take more study and planning. Maybe next year. Here’s an example of a recent stone/wood addition, in the white garden:rock and woodThere are wood chips on the path, with large rocks lining the bed. One large dead branch is “planted” in the soil. To my delight birds often perch there.  Two large and a few smaller rotten willow branches from the ravine in the horse pasture are lying here and there. One very large rock sits in the middle of the bed. I planted a valerian there on the left, and a white daylily near the rock. A group of white heirloom tiger lilies is on the right by the upright branch. As you can see the white garden is still pretty sparsely planted. It’s a tough bed to plan–sand underlies the bed, so drainage is TOO good. I have added a lot of manure and old hay but it takes a while to break down. This dry year was tough on this garden. But there’s no hurry. I’ll keep adding plants and see what thrives there.

As many other gardeners have commented, flowers and stone go well together. I like the way plants fall over a rock edge. Here are some petunias and some edging pavers this morning:flower jumble

In the new bed under the old playset the annuals I planted, the ones that survived the raccoon scourge, are a riot of color. Petunias, small pansies, dianthus and marigolds. In the middle of them sits the beautiful metal agave sculpture given to us by Prairie. Prairie's giftOne side of the remaining play set structure is covered now with trumpet vine, and on the other side we planted a red/orange honeysuckle vine. A large, spreading dead apple branch that I found on the woods floor the other day works there as a trellis. And the birds have already signaled that they approve of this branch trellis w honeysuckleIt was hard to come in to work this morning. What a beautiful sunny morning! Mr. Fluff sat sunning himself along the southside path as I was leaving. good bye kitty

One thought on “Using wood and stone

  1. Oh no! Not school! Boohoo Anne. I’m sorry you have to leave your happy place but thank you for the great photos. Be well.

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