vegetables and flowers

My sister, my niece, and I are doing a “greens challenge”: seven days in a row we’re eating greens (broadly defined, including basically any really healthy-for-you vegetable that is green) cooked in various ways. Miso soup is an easy way to get greens in early in the day. The garden produces a lot of chard. Here is the garden on a recent foggy morning. 008The row of chard is in the middle–here is a closer shot:010Beautiful! And I made miso using only ONE chard leaf:011That’s a whole serving in one stalk. I added some tofu, parsley, garlic chives, left-over brown rice, and mushrooms:miso soup makingsWe’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors. First we spent a day moving the horse pasture to a new area, requiring taking down the existing fence, brush-hogging and trimming branches in the new spot, the re-placing the fence. We’ve also done some black-berry-picking and apple-gathering. We froze the blackberries and made apple sauce from the apples. When we were fencing I found a beautiful dead branch of an apple tree and used it as a trellis for the vining honeysuckle:apple tree branch trellisIt’s kind of hard to see in this photo–I’ll take a better one later.

The hibiscus we have in the meditation garden are blooming now, with their crazy-big blossoms. One is dark red and one is white with a red center:red hibiscuswhite red hibiscus heartOn our last trip to Canada we bough silver gazing globes–here is a picture of them in the back yard:silver gazing globesSometimes we come out in the morning and they’ve moved. We think that the raccoons play with them over night!


2 thoughts on “vegetables and flowers

    • I loved your party. It was great to chat with Dulli too on the way over. The sound of the water! So soothing. I went home and announced: we must get a hammock! But we might have to get one with a frame because we just don’t have the right trees in the right spot.

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