drought over

We’ve had lots of rain in the last week and the garden is happily soaking it in. So there are a few more slugs, and the top-heavy phlox are all bowed to the ground, it’s all worth it. A few days ago we took advantage of a dry day to drive to the Rideau Woodland Ramble garden and nursery in Merrickville, Ontario, Canada. Wonderful! Everywhere you look as you walk their shady paths you can see garden/outdoor art of all kinds, and beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers. There are also ponds and fountains. In one small building they offer coffee and original paintings for sale. Here is the view out from that room:Rideau Ramble garden doorwayHere is just one example of the garden ornaments:Rideau Ramble garden ornamentThey also have a labyrinth mowed into a lovely wildflower meadow. We were so charmed and inspired that we went to an art shop they recommended called Windsor’s Courtyard in Merrickville, and bought two pieces of garden art. I didn’t yet get a photo of the three shiny silvery metal balls we got and put in the back yard–one large and two smaller ones. The other is a wind-mobile sort of thing, made of metal, that twirls in the breeze. Here it is in the front yard:front yard with new ornamentHere’s a closer view of it:new ornamentIt withstood the strong winds and rain we had last night, so I guess it is sturdier than it looks. After our trips to Canada to visit gardens, we spent most of yesterday sitting on our front porch watching the rain fall. front porch with onions


1 thought on “drought over

  1. Hi!

    Looks great! I checked the website of the garden and it looks beautiful.

    Picked my blueberries this morning and walked the dog. Now laundry and cooking healthy food for later. Trying to get organized before school begins next week for me with faculty retreat etc.

    We got another half inch of rain yesterday while we were gone. It feels refreshing outside.

    Have a great day!!

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