a dry summer

We did get a little rain today, thank goodness, but the garden is pretty dry this summer. In spite of that the lilies and phlox and daylilies are showing their colors. The back yard especially is almost dizzying. back yard with barnunder the apple tree sittingWhen phlox bloom they create an amazing cloud of color. I love how there are so many different shades of pink, red and lavender.pink phloxThe oriental lilies are blooming. I’ve had to stake them, partly because I planted these in a spot with insufficient sunshine, and they all leaned over to try to find the sun. I’ll move them next year.fragrant lily collectionpretty oriental lilyI am slowly and carefully returning lilies to the garden after the disaster with red lily bugs of five years ago. Then I had 500 or 600 lilies all over the garden, and couldn’t keep the bugs off. Now I have three spots where small numbers of oriental lilies are, and I think I’ll stick with that idea. The other star of the garden now is daylilies, which are peaking this week. fair country windsThis one is a Klehm lily, called “country fair winds”.  Every morning I walk around the garden with a bucket to snap off the faded daylily blossoms. It might seem like a bother but it’s a wonderful way to start the day, and it lets me really look at each plant and enjoy the colors. The lily below is a double, and very fragrant.034We are also harvesting a lot from the vegetable garden and our currant bushes. The black currants did great this year. Here I am picking currants yesterday. picking black currantsAnd this morning we picked 12 quarts of blueberries at our neighbor’s U-pick farm. We’re going to make blueberry jam!

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