mid-July extravagance in the gardens

vegetables first:broccoliHere is David holding a head of broccoli he just cut in the garden. Yum! And I was busy the other day picking red and black currants:red currants

We freeze them and will hopefully make something interesting out of them. We especially have a lot of black currants. Maybe we can make currant cordial or jelly.blooming elderberriesOur elderberries are blooming, and here is our young fruit orchard:fruit orchardWe have a variety of trees and shrubs: currants, elderberries, apricot, pear, and others. The green peppers have started producing. Those get chopped small, frozen on baking trays, then put into freezer bags for use in chili. green peppersWe will soon be making pesto with our basil, parsley and garlic. And we’re looking forward to trying my sister’s tomato sauce recipe when our tomatoes ripen. They are growing like mad. This picture is of me between walls of climbing beans and tomato in the garden this morning.tall tomatoesIn the flower garden, there are too many things to list that are blooming. I’ll put here some landscape views of the various beds:

back yard from the side (south)

back yard from the side (south)

the square garden from the west

the square garden from the west

The colors never seem to clash, no matter how they get combined:

yarrow and friendsprimary colorsI found a new source of wood chips, after being informed that the pile I was using in Potsdam was supposed to be for the dog park–oops! I have to go a little further but now I’m legal. Paths look nice with wood chips on them:front yard top pathsI have been patrolling the garden in the cool mornings for Japanese beetles and red lily bugs. The Japanese beetles really love hollyhock–warning: this next photo is rather X-rated!July 15 067The daylilies are starting up in earnest now. I walk around each morning with a bucket to deadhead. Here are just a few:daylily blushing summer valentinedaylily siloam purple princedaylily apricot sparkles groupdaylily pale yellowI bought four six-packs of cleome, and they have really prospered in the hot dry weather. giant cleomecleomeAnd here are a few other bright spots in the garden:false sunflowerpoppylarkspur clumpzinnia orange


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