a little back yard project

The back yard had three small beds on the south side. I decided to consolidate. First I re-arranged the rocks to make one continuous wall, then I brought in some old horse manure, and last planted and added a layer of wood shavings mulch from the stables. Here’s the before and after:late May 002late May 005late May 010late May 024late May 026These last few days have been too hot to do much, but in the early cooler mornings I managed top lay down some hay mulch and move those bossy ferns. Here is the new fern patch: late May 038and here are some areas mulched with hay. It’s looking to be a dry summer so mulch is critical if I don’t want to stand around holding a watering hose.

mulched under the apple tree
mulched under the apple tree
happy mulched hosta bed
happy mulched hosta bed

obligatory cat picture:late May 021and a barn swallow nest over the door!late May 036Here’s a zoom shot, with the bird looking back at me suspiciously!late May 035


One Comment Add yours

  1. Michele Whalen says:

    And then there’s the kitty in the picture too! Probably looking at that Barn Swallow too. Be well Anne.

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