Spring is here at last

Yay! We’ve had beautiful sunshine and warm days. The bugs and birds are out in force. I have three bug bites and lots of splinters/scratches on my hands and dirt under my nails from gardening.

Casey and Fly nibbling on new grass

Casey and Fly nibbling on new grass

These photos are from five days ago and plants are already even higher than then. The current bushes and lilacs have fat buds:

black current bushes budded

black current bushes budded

lilac buds

lilac buds

This lilac sapling is thriving on the sunny slope of the south side yard. It is a shoot I dug up from the dwarf Korean lilac in the back yard. This lilac is determined to make itself into a grove. I keep cutting the long roots and transplanting them where there’s more room.

phlox shoots

phlox shoots

All over the garden the phlox are sending up fresh light green shoots. I’ve gone around the whole yard snapping off last year’s dead, brittle stalks. The bulbs of course are all popping now. I have glory-of-the-snow, blue squills, daffodils, a few tulips–scarlet baby, and hyacinth. Here are some of the white hyacinth just emerging:goose and hyacinth

In the white garden I’ve used a lot of branches and small logs as path liners and bed edges. Here is one:wooden edgeIn the vegetable garden, the hay mulch has been pulled back to let the soil gather the sun’s heat, to get ready for planting peas and other cold-hardy plants.garden dirt uncovered

two year old delphiniumAbove is a two-year-old delphinium just poking up from the winter’s sleep. I counted six so far of the dozen I planted in this spot (the vegetable garden). These are last year’s seedlings. I’ll let them get their feet under them and then transplant them in the flower garden.

2 thoughts on “Spring is here at last

  1. Don’t you just love this time of year Anne? The Earth coming back to glorious life after a winter’s sleep. Be well my Friend.

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