Easter Ramble

I was able to use my beaver-chewed walking stick for the first time this year last weekend.

starting out

starting out

We walked a big loop around the woods. The first stop was the old ash tree.


Then we went to visit the ancient maple tree.007Here I am standing next to it.008From there we headed across a little stream, through thickets of dogwood, and then into the ironwood grove at the eastern edge of the property. Everything is quiet, nothing growing yet.013We saw lots of fungus and this sign of woodpecker activity:
021And another pretty fungus, which reminded me of a seashell:032We ended up in a pasture, where the late afternoon sun glowed on a rock covered with moss. I got in close for some artistic pictures.027

028I also took a picture of a lichen and moss covered rock:025Back at home we took a garden tour. Not much is visible. Snowdrops, winter aconite, johnny-jump-ups and crocuses are blooming, but that’s it. 033036I like this picture of the winter aconite, because it also shows a new leaf of a catmint plant. Spring is on its way!


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