Gardening season begins again

The first flower to bloom is always the johnny-jump-ups, followed closely by the snowdrops. We haven’t yet seen crocuses or other bulbs. I do so much shifting and overhauls in the garden that the smaller bulbs often get lost. On March 5 snow still covered everything, but we took the year’s first garden tour anyway. Mr. Fluff came along for the walk. 015By the beginning of this week the snow was mostly gone, and the garden emerged in its usual smashed, water-logged look. Below is the back yard.

Back Yard

Back Yard

And below is the front yard, dressed in dull shades of brown and beige.

Front Yard

Front Yard

Here is a picture of the northside lower garden:pine tree garden

And here is the new white garden or moon garden:white garden in mid march

But there are signs of Spring. Red-winged blackbirds came back to our neighborhood on March 10, and are now spread out on fence posts and tops of trees showing off their wing patches and singing to each other “my territory here, all mine here!” We have seen snow geese and Canada geese, and I think the other day I heard some killdeer. In the garden, spears of bright green, narcissus, are popping up everywhere:daffodil patches back yardInside the house David has started onions, parsley, and spinach:onion seedlings March 12Here is a close-up of the parsley seedlings:baby peppersOutside he has planted spinach, carrots, and peas. Tater and Mr Fluff love it when we spend time outside, following us around and watching what we do. Here is Tater in the front yard.Tater on pathAnd Mr Fluff coming over to see us:here comes troubleMy Spring Break is coming up soon, and I intend to spend some time out in the woods listening for more birds, looking for early wildflowers, and enjoying the earth waking up for another growing season!

2 thoughts on “Gardening season begins again

  1. Ah Spring! Thanks for sending me a reminder that it is coming or with David planting food in the garden is here. Or there anyway. We are in Florida until April 4th but love seeing your photos of home. Be well my Friend.

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