freakishly warm weather, some last minute gardening

We’ve had summery temperatures lately, and we took advantage of it to get some gardening done. David moved 15 (!) wheelbarrow loads of composted horse manure two days ago, and spread it in the “garden” between the two driveways near the road. This is an overflow garden: plants I can’t throw away or give away but want to remove get put here. It is full of daylilies mostly, but there are also daffodils, false sunflower, peonies, and other plants. The soil is sandy and this will improve it a great deal. It will probably make the grass grow even better, oh well.

overflow garden with amendments
overflow garden with amendments

I finished planting all my bulbs, and then added a few wheelbarrow loads of manure to the square garden:003As this shows, I also did some more path and border work. We have some old logs/branches and I used those as borders. It’s partly for looks and partly to hold additional dirt in. A few short rock walls here and there add variety.011

Mr. Fluff enjoys the woodchip path
Mr. Fluff enjoys the woodchip path

I used newspaper and bark strips pulled off the logs to create another path in the compost bin garden:014013As we left for our band rehearsal, the sun was getting low in the west, casting golden light over the landscape. Here’s the view from the square garden toward the Northeast:021


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  1. Michele says:

    Looking good as usual Anne and I love that view of the golden field. Be well.

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