new integrated blog idea…

I have another blog called “outdoor adventures: hiking canoeing and camping in northern NY” or something like that. It’s where I write posts and put up photos of canoe trips, hikes, and the occasional climb. I thought of a title for a blog that included that blog and this gardening one: “Gardens: intended and untended” The intended gardens are those around my house, obviously, which I’ve been building and developing for 14 years now. “Untended gardens” represents for me the landscape in the “hands” of nature, un-tidied and un-planned by people. So, garden is probably the wrong word. I’ll keep pondering this and see whether one blog could really include both kinds of landscapes.

Meanwhile, I’ll take a stab at this by including a hike we took yesterday and a home garden report. It was a brisk day for a two-mile walk on the Kip Trail on the edge of my college campus. We all call it the Kip Trail but the official name is on this sign:start of the Kip TrailIt’s a friendly, easy, wide path through the woods. in the woodsBright leaves covered the path, and we noticed some wild-flowers including some wild ginger:Kip Trail wild gingerAt one point the trail skirts the Little River:little riverNear the campus end of the trail a boardwalk takes you out into a pond:boardwalkclouds and pinesBack at home in the tended garden I first took photos of the maple in our front yard that always turns bright orange and gold in the autumn:front yard mapleThen soon after it started to snow. Here’s the frosty front yard:snowy front yardIt’s a bittersweet time for gardening. A relief that the hardest labor is over, and a goodbye to the blooms for another season. I have already started poring over flower catalogs. I have more bulbs coming in the mail, so hopefully this snow will not stick–planting in the snow is not that fun!


1 thought on “new integrated blog idea…

  1. Lovely pics of that trail Anne. I’ve never walked it but hope to someday. I I still have my boat on the hoist so wasn’t happy to see it snowing Saturday. It makes me sad to take it out as it means another fishing season is past. Be well my Friend.

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