Mid-October bulb planting

We had a beautiful week last week and I got some bulbs from Colorblends–100 short red tulips, 100 taller orange/red tulips, their “daffodil 100” mixture, and 100 fritillaria meleagris. I planted the daffodils here and there in groups of five. The tulips had to wait until I bought a big bag of powdered cayenne pepper, since I plant tulips with hot pepper to discourage the mice. To prepare I added many wheelbarrows-full of composted horse manure to the “square” garden. That’s where all the tulips go, since it has a lot of small stones in it which also discourages burrowing rodents, and it has excellent drainage. Here is the square garden:

square garden main path, with a new "log" border and added compost.

square garden main path, with a new “log” border and added compost.

And here is another picture of the added compost, and a nice picture of the winterberry with red berries.compost addedred berriesI picked up some wood shavings and wood chips for the paths we have made through the new bed–we call it the compost bin garden. It’s between the new white garden and the square garden:woodchip pathsAnd also yesterday I scattered a few hundred narcissus bulbs, which I had dug up in the process of renovating other beds over the summer, in the new bed at the top of the front yard. After scattering them around, I covered them with composted manure and then with some old hay. It looks cozy and ready for winter!blanketed front yard gardenUnder the pine trees the raised bed was too dry for the astilbe I put there, so I did some shifting–the astilbe and a few hostas that were getting too big got moved back next to the pine tree trunks, and I moved some daylilies in. Then I added a lot of compost, since the trees suck up a lot of nutrition. I have bulbs in there, but will have room for more drought-tolerant plants.renovated pine tree gardenWe have a new visitor around the front porch: a big black cat we call Midnight. He is friendly and well-cared for, neutered and chubby, so we aren’t yet sure if he is a neighbor’s cat who strayed off or a drop-off. The other two cats don’t think highly of the situation, so we get a lot of yowling, but so far no fur is actually flying.MidnightWe’ve been asking the neighbors–so far no one has claimed him.

Over the weekend my sister and her husband were here–we managed to fit in some apple-picking when they returned from some hiking and canoeing. Beautiful and delicious!apples

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