Late September update

Gorgeous morning today, soft warm air, after a soaking gentle rain most of the night. After a dry week the garden is fragrant and relieved, if gardens can be said to feel relieved! This is the path at the bottom of the front yard. You can see it’s a little foggy this morning.front yard pathwayI walked around the garden taking pictures. Zinnias are showing nice colors. Here’s a few:so pink zinniazinnia posingpink zinnias w beeOther spots of color come from marigolds, petunias, dahlias and the ever-blooming honeysuckle:dewey marigoldpurple petuniasorange underneathpurple dahliaorange honeysuckleAs I wandered around the place taking pictures, a red squirrel scolded me from a maple tree, boldly holding its ground while I took pictures:red squirrelscoldingThe front yard is full of hostas and I love the variety in color, lime, dark blue-green, pale almost-white, and variegated:different shadesfenceintimate cornerThe white garden continues to develop–I’ve been adding edges to the beds, mostly big branches I drag out of the woods. I’ve also added wood chips on the paths and more manure and hay to the beds. Here’s how it looks now:white gardenWe just got another load of old hay mulch for use next year:mulch

In the vegetable garden we have a bumper crop of greens: beets, chard, kale, spinach. Here’s the chard patch, which never seems to get smaller no matter how much I pick!

chardAnd we have so many tomatoes we can’t process them fast enough. This morning, with coaching over the phone from my sister, I made a nice batch of tomato sauce, using our own tomatoes, basil, parsley, garlic, and onions. I didn’t can the sauce–we will just have to eat a lot of it–and I’m giving a jar of it to a friend today.tomato sauceThat’s the garden report for today. I am cleaning up the paths and doing some “housekeeping” out there in order to be ready for the bulbs when they arrive next month: lilies, daffodils, and tulips.


1 thought on “Late September update

  1. Great pictures Anne. Why not can the sauce? And as for red squirrels, they hold their ground because they are psychotic. Just look in their eyes! Be well my Friend.

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