White garden, bit by bit

This week the weather has been so hot, and I’ve been busy picking blackberries, so the progress on the white garden is slow–but steady. We bought another hydrangea, paniculata “Pink Diamond”, like the one already thriving in the front yard:

Pink Diamond hydrangea in the front yard last year

Pink Diamond hydrangea in the front yard last year

I cleared out a section of the future white garden toward the back and planted our new one there:010I also moved a white spirea Vanhoutte spirea (S. vanhouttei), or bridal wreath spirea, which has been barely alive for the last few years in the poor soil near the road, up to the white garden. Here it is trimmed and watered in its new home:012I also moved a piece of sculpture made by my niece, trying it out here. Lastly, I moved a tall white garden phlox ‘David’ from the front yard to the back of the white garden. Here it is in the wheelbarrow:006After I put it in, although I watered it, it was drooping. 009So, I cut off all the blossoms, hoping that would help. Luckily for all these plants, we had a long soaking rain last night. In the picture below, the phlox stands next to a white echinacea. In the foreground are some pieces of wood I plan to put in the garden in some creative way. Yesterday we got some used wood shavings from the stables and filled in the path.013Other plants to go in when the rest of the bed is cleared: medium sized: white flowering hostas, goose-neck loose-strife, sweet ciceley, white yarrow, more white phlox, and small: tiarellia, woodland anemone, sweet woodruff, lily-of-the-valley, coral bells. I also ordered Mount Hood white narcissus, and some white heirloom turk’s cap lilies. Maybe we will also find room for a white clematis. It’s coming along!


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