A White Garden!

I’ve decided to create a white garden where the sandy garden is now. Here is the “before” picture:008The back side falls away to a steep bank, with a viburnum shrub, a tall black walnut tree, and a not-quite thriving maple tree, and a few smaller black walnuts as well. The bed is sandy because under a layer of topsoil (created by me) is a foundation of very sandy and stony soil. It drains too quickly, making it a challenge for non-drought-tolerant plants. In spite of that, and in spite of the black walnut, it has for the last ten years been growing solomon’s seal, chelone, echinacea, rudbeckia, dicentra bleeding heart, phlox, false sunflower, monarda, cleome, poppies, and daylilies. In this picture, which I took last week, you can still see the rocks lining the bed, and grass to the left. Those are gone now, because both of us were working there yesterday and the grass has been covered with newspaper/cardboard and old hay. Next we will put a layer of horse manure, followed by more hay, to create a garden there. A few days ago we bought a hydrangea paniculata ‘phantom’. I cleared out one section (of six) in the sandy garden (soon to be renamed the white garden or the moon garden!) and planted the shrub there with two wheelbarrow loads of old manure and heaped with a mulch of old hay. In the picture below you can see the process. The picture after that shows it with the mulch added. 010014Then, yesterday I tackled another section, the far left part. Below is a picture I took just before starting the work. It shows how pretty the morning light is coming through the black walnut leaves. The tree, which is a mature, beautiful old one, is on the slope a little below the garden, and it has some low branches, so it forms a lovely backdrop for the flowers. You can see the rock wall around the bed. You can also see the hydrangea we planted the other day, far right. 020I worked patiently to dig up plants and moved most of them elsewhere. Here are some of the “orphans” waiting to be planted back (the white ones) or transferred to new spots:031While I was doing that David was covering the lawn where the old swingset used to be. We’re keeping the tall part of it to grow viney plants on, but we removed that side lower section, as you can see in the second photo. 019024In the picture above you can see both of our work–I removed the rock wall and moved plants (and lots of bulbs) from the garden while David worked on the lawn. I then went to the barnyard for more manure and added it to the cleared bed. 028Here’s how it looked when we quit for the day: 033It will take awhile to get the whole sandy bed cleared, amended, mulched, and re-planted, but I’m hoping to have it done by cold weather. I ordered 25 white heirloom tiger lilies for this bed, and some white narcissus, but other than that I’m using all plants I already have in the garden.


2 thoughts on “A White Garden!

  1. Holy garden Batman! You two are just amazing with your vision of what you want the yard to look like. As usual just beautiful.

    • vision is a good word–I often spend the last 15 minutes before falling asleep taking a garden tour in my imagination, and then when I get up I grab a shovel and try to make the real garden look like what I imagine.

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