southside overhaul

The bindweed got ahead of me and covered over the plants on the southside hilltop garden. Here is how it looked:063069southside path startI grabbed my shovel yesterday morning and spent most of the day making a wide path through the hillside “garden”–too steep and rocky to really be a garden–it has some tiger lilies and wild roses, golden rod and asters, apple mint and grass–and bindweed. Here’s the hillside path:hill path part donehill path doneI put those big rocks in years ago, to create a garden bed along the top of the hill. Next I tackled that bed and the southside path. southside path part doneHere is how it looks after I was done cleaning up and re-setting the rocks:southside path doneLast, I added some manure from the barnyard and topped it with a lot of old hay:004

Next, I plan on building a moon garden. I’m going to put it where the “sandy” garden is now. garden 436This is the west edge of the sandy bed. Here’s a different view of it:July 13 017The black walnut stands behind the bed, giving it a nice dark green backdrop. I plan to take all the current plants out, except the white echinacea, white iris and the white obedient plants. Then I want to put hydrangea near the back–hopefully they can tolerate a black walnut neighbor–I better do some research on that.

2 thoughts on “southside overhaul

  1. Sorry I’m late in reading this Anne. It’s been cuckoo here. You are one working woman! As usual it looks great and is due to you and your hard work. Be well my Friend.

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