Room in the garden for people to sit!

The patio is getting done bit by bit. Here is how it looked this morning:patio flattenedpatio nearly doneAnd we still have the nice shady spot under the apple tree with a couple of chairs:apple tree sitting areaI’ve been working hard in the garden to get it ready for the garden party this coming Sunday. According to the weather forecast it will be nice. The daylilies are doing their part by being themselves!big rusty daylilydaylily tawny and marroonJuly 10 015The phlox have just started to bloom:bright phloxpink phloxI managed to get a nice photo of one of my little garden friends:spider on phloxThat’s a crab spider. They don’t have webs to catch things to eat–they hang around on flowers waiting for an insect to come along than then they grab it with those long front feet. back yardBack to the garden now…

3 thoughts on “Room in the garden for people to sit!

  1. It looks so beautiful Anne! Fabulous photos as always. I hope we can find a time to sit out there with you to help break it in…..have a great partay!

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