Garden updates!

We traveled for a week in mid-June, and when I got back on June 21 I took the following photos of the back yard edge:garden 324My goal before leaving for another week away on June 28 was to clear up this edge. I weeded, edged with a shovel, and then put down newspaper and hay. Here is a picture part way through:garden 338Then when it was done:garden 351My sister-in-law was visiting then and she tackled the meditation garden walkway. After she weeded there, I added shavings from the horse stables. Here’s the before picture for that project:garden 331And here it is after:garden 337When I got back from my most recent trip I spent half a day weeding and edging and mulching the northside square garden. Here are the results:garden 408The edge and the bed itself is covered with old hay. If we get a dry spell (which we have not yet this year) we are ready for it! Here is another shot of the finished edge. garden 410The daylilies, my absolute favorite plants, have started blooming. Mostly they are just buds at this point:garden 379 But some have started to bloom: garden 397And the delphinium are going full 414The echinacea have also started up: garden 431The fence in the front yard is growing:garden 403garden 406And the front yard overall is flourishing. It likes the wet summer we’ve had. garden 405Last night after dinner I relaxed with the cats on the front porch. Mr. Fluff sat on my lap:garden 439Around dusk a raccoon came up on the porch looking for some cat food, saw me and beat a hasty retreat. Later a deer wandered into the front yard and helped herself to some phlox and hostas. I just enjoyed watching her–I have plenty of phlox and hosta to share. Glad to be home!


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