hay mulch!

After a dry May we recently got some welcome rain, so the garden is happy.  I have been busy putting hay mulch on the garden to protect it from future dry spells. Hay mulch is also nice for weed control and is a great soil improver. Here’s the diminishing hay pile:June 5 055I put the hay bales in the wheelbarrow and lay it pretty thick. Here are some pics of the front yard which is now completely covered in the hay mulch:June 5 036June 5 054June 5 053David uses a lot of this hay in the vegetable garden as well. Here is Mr Fluff striking a heroic pose in the veggie garden:June 5 031You can see the hay mulch everywhere–it’s on all the paths and around many of the plants, too. I also used a lot of old hay to expand the daylily bank on the north side, just outside the back yard garden. Last Spring I dug up all the daylilies that were growing but not blooming (too shady) under the apple tree in the back yard. I unceremoniously plopped them, bare-root, onto the lawn and then put old hay all around them and hoped for the best. They are doing just fine now. This morning I dug up a huge clump of hyperion yellow daylily, chopped it up into ten smaller pieces, and gave it the same treatment. Here’s the final result:June 5 056You can see the older patch on the right, and the newly-“planted” daylilies on the left. By this time next year I predict a solid wall of daylilies here! And this also buried another patch of lawn.

Somewhere not far from here a large number of swallowtail butterflies must have hatched recently, because a few days ago we were suddenly seeing them everywhere –dozens of them. They especially like the dame’s rocket. June 5 038June 5 046The iris are pretty right now–siberian iris opened this morning. June 5 037Under the kitchen window the hostas have unfurled and have nicely filled the whole garden in:June 5 058When I planted them in this garden in May 2013 they were much smaller–here is a picture from back then:hostas under the kitchen window

Down in the front yard garden near the potting shed the hostas are also doing well:June 5 052In this picture you can see my little twig and branches “wall”. We are planning to raise that wall soon. I’m hoping to pound in rebar in pairs and stack branches –well, we will see how it goes, and I’ll take pictures, of course! The idea is to screen this little sitting spot from the road. Updates will follow!