Cleaning up the back yard

The front yard is still under its blanket of fallen maple leaves, and the stalks of last year’s phlox and other plants are still standing. But in the back yard I spent time yesterday with the rake and nippers and most of it is now cleared. Here is the pile of leaves and stalks that I created but haven’t disposed of yet:002That will just get picked up and tossed over into the brushy area between the two driveways. Now that we have the deer fence all around the back yard it is a little more tedious to do that. Here is the back yard this morning:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It is mostly browns and tans now, but there are some colorful spots:

Glory-of-the-snow or chionodoxa

Glory-of-the-snow or chionodoxa

And some of the peonies are coming up, with their pretty red stalks:???????????????????????????????Some daffodils are blooming, but most are still just budded. In the photo below there are lots of daffodil clumps and some tulips.???????????????????????????????The garden is in pretty good shape this year, in terms of grass and weeds that need to be removed. But it is the end of the semester and concert season as well, so there are things competing for my time. I saw a young ground hog roaming through the garden the other day–I hope she or he eats the weeds! Mostly they love violets, which is fine because we have lots of them.

One thought on “Cleaning up the back yard

  1. Anne the yard looks pretty good and I’m so happy that you sent me some of those daffodils that you don’t have many of yet. Thank you!

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