suddenly summer!

Well, it felt a little like summer yesterday. The weather was so mild, in the 70s, with sunny skies and a breeze. Crocuses showed their cheerful faces:???????????????????????????????And I was very happy to get out rake and garden bucket and clear out/weed the sandy bed. While I was working a cow had her baby! A little black calf with a white face. Adorable!???????????????????????????????Inside, the hibiscus is so glorious I just had to take pictures.???????????????????????????????I’m really enjoying the hori-hori garden knife I got from Prairie at Christmas. It has a wicked edge on one side, though, so you have to be careful. David took a picture of it in action. This was tricky because the little tulips have come up through patches of grass, and it took surgery to get the grass out without disturbing the tulips. Happily, last night we got some rain, to settle the tulips I had to pull up and reset.???????????????????????????????

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