Soggy and chilly, that’s it in a nutshell

We’re in mud season for sure. We went for a walk around the Upper and Lower Lakes Wildlife Management Area yesterday. Not a lot going on there wildlife wise. We saw several very big and apparently active beaver lodges, but no actual beavers. We spied a bald eagle and a northern harrier hawk hunting, and saw some gulls, Canada Geese, a nuthatch, crows, and robins, but the big gathering of geese has not happened yet. And the ground is half-frozen and soggy, the ponds ice-covered, with wet snow and ice on lots of the trails. upper and lower lakes roadIt was still a beautiful day to be outside. It was breezy and chilly but a little above freezing,  and so little streamlets of water were flowing everywhere. The Grasse River was high, carrying a few small “icebergs” in its brown rushing current. ???????????????????????????????Back at home I planted delphinium, zinnia, and sunflower seeds. ???????????????????????????????And David transplanted the peppers. So, I guess gardening season is here, inside at least!garden april 3 003


1 thought on “Soggy and chilly, that’s it in a nutshell

  1. David’s peppers look great Anne. I’m starting all my stuff tomorrow. We’re always a bit behind here but I am ready for the ice to be gone and something closer to warmth happening. But the sun was nice today. Happy Easter!

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