Winter (non) colors

I love the plain, stark, muted shades of winter–white, greys in all shades, silver of ice, sparkle of sun on snow, faded browns and tan of garden plants, solid dark grey of trees, and deep green of pines and cedars. ???????????????????????????????On a walk in early January the blue of the sky contrasted with clouds and snow-covered fields.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As we returned home I snapped some pictures of the house and yard. IMG_8917Around the yard ice covered many of the flower seedheads that I leave for winter food for critters. ???????????????????????????????IMG_8866???????????????????????????????In the back yard benches and chairs sit empty, covered in snow and ice.IMG_8898???????????????????????????????A section of black walnut set on its side in the back yard is being used as a dining table by squirrels eating pine cones. A beautiful, mature Norway Spruce looms over the back yard and provides lots of food for squirrels. Messy eaters! IMG_8907I like the winter rest period, when plants hide underground and I can just sit around by the wood stove looking at garden catalogs!


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