One month later…

I have been taking pictures, but haven’t had time to post anything. The surgery on August 7 went fine, and I recovered in the back yard, sitting on a comfy beach chair with a cat on my lap and flowers all around me. ???????????????????????????????We hung a nice set of wind chimes in the apple tree. The weather was perfect and since I was unable to read, I just sat and watched the world go by for a week. ???????????????????????????????Spending a week in the garden doing nothing was wonderful, a completely new experience for me. The insects, birds and rodents forgot I was there so I got to see a lot of hummingbirds, chipmunks, red squirrels and every imaginable kind of bug. It was a magical week. I find that my relationship to the back yard garden is somehow changed. Now I can really see it and feel it as a healing place. The fence all around it also makes it feel secret, enclosed, and protected. I spent the time sitting, sipping tea, petting the cat, and, after the first few days strolling around picking flowers. ???????????????????????????????Look at the color of those daylilies! And in my hand are zinnias, which I grew from seed and are having a very good year. ???????????????????????????????We liked sitting out there so much that we bought two lawn chairs to keep there. And we like the enclosed feeling, so we decided not to put in a gate. ???????????????????????????????We also plan to put a hedge of shrubs around the outside of the fence to make it even more enclosed. There are already two pawpaw saplings and a blue muffin viburnum planted there. We added to that last week with a ninebark with beautiful mahogany leaves. Here’s a photograph:???????????????????????????????Right now the daylilies are mostly gone, but it was a great summer here for flowers and the daylilies were spectacular. Here are just a few pictures taken in the last month: 005This lovely ruffly custard-colored daylily hosted a little tree frog, who found this nice spot to wait for insects to fly by. ???????????????????????????????This fantastic daylily was a gift from a hemerocallis-loving friend. She called it “ruffled pink”. It was budded when she brought me the division, and it bloomed for two weeks, with tall scapes and big, showy blooms. ???????????????????????????????Elizabeth Salter, above, bloomed nicely, but needs to be moved–it is too crowded by pushy rudbeckia and needs a spot where it can be properly oohed and ahhed over. ???????????????????????????????One of my showier daylilies–it might be “startle” but I’m not certain. Ten years ago I bought a “seedling” collection from White Flower Farms of unnamed varieties, and many of my daylilies are therefore anonymous and go by such names as “short gold” or “dark red”. ???????????????????????????????This is from the Khlem’s Songsparrow catalog, called “country fair winds” –it bloomed all summer and was beautiful in the meditation garden. ???????????????????????????????This amazing double started late–it is “condilla”–and is still blooming now. The color is just outstanding. ???????????????????????????????This isn’t the best picture of my favorite daylily but it shows where it reigns over the meditation garden. I have  chipped pieces of it and given many away, and planted some in at least five other places around my own garden. It’s a huge plant, one of the first to bloom in the summer. The blooms are thick and of a delicious creamy pale color, with a perfect shape. It is wonderfully fragrant, and has lots and lots of blooms. It is one of those unnamed seedlings. Of all my daylilies, this is my favorite. Here are some closer up shots of the blooms: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????In the early morning sunshine it almost looks green. ???????????????????????????????

Right now the dahlias are just reaching full speed. Here are some pictures of the dahlias:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????And the phlox are past peak but still generously flowering, filling the garden with their spicy sweet scent and billows of white, pink, and lavender: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????015That’s the garden report for now. I’ll be posting more regularly from here on out!