more mulching

The back yard feels different with no fence between it and the meditation garden, and with a tall deer fence all around the outside. It is more integrated, and also feels more private. The surrounding fence gives it a secret, set-apart feel. I like it! I’m heading into thyroid surgery, so I’ve been trying to get the heavy gardening work done ahead of time, since while I’m recovering I can’t do much but sit around and get waited on. Mulching is a good way to lessen weeding later on, so I put down a lot of it today. Here are some pictures:???????????????????????????????This picture shows the back yard standing at the western edge of the meditation garden, with nothing at all where there used to be a fence and a hedge of forsythia. ???????????????????????????????I’m standing for this picture where the fence used to be. You can see the posts of the old fence on the ground. You can also see the heavy layer of hay mulch I put down at the garden edge. ???????????????????????????????Lots of mulch! The worms will turn this into soil in no time. The cats really love hay mulch–they make little “nests” in it and snooze away.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Here is the fence–six feet tall wire. We’ll add two more feet to get to 8 feet to keep the deer out. Follows more pictures of the back yard. It’s just gorgeous right now, with lots of color from daylilies, phlox, zinnias and larkspur.



the bright red daylilies are "red volunteer"

the bright red daylilies are “red volunteer”

nice wide mulched paths

nice wide mulched paths–this is wood shavings mulch

beautiful dark red daylily. I think this is "derrick cane"

beautiful dark red daylily. I think this is “derrick cane”

It was such a beautiful summer day today. This field is a mile down the road from our house.

094101Here is Joe Pye Weed and an old fence post, across the street from our house. 102View of our house from the corner, showing the new garden fence!