welcome rain

Last night we heard thunder and soon it was pouring rain. It continued to rain off and on during the night and through the day today. The garden is much relieved. My “Orange Tremor” daylily got so dry it dropped all but a few buds. One of those opened this morning–wow. Here is a picture:???????????????????????????????I have another fancy daylily in a similar shade but I forgot the name. It just glows in the garden. ???????????????????????????????And the orangey-yellow double “Condilla” opened today also:???????????????????????????????This one had a big crab spider on it so I tried to get a close-up:crab spider on condilla daylilySmall but powerful! I got too close with the camera and it threatened me. Brave spider!

The daylilies really steal the show right now. David took three “panorama” shots of the front yard, and it’s hard to see anything other than the splashes of color the daylilies make:front yard panorama 1front yard panorama 2???????????????????????????????In the vegetable garden, the potato onions decided to make more of themselves–at least, that’s what we think they are up to–they look like aliens, a little. Here are two pictures of the same onion:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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