Beautiful morning in the garden

Did a quick tour of the garden this morning and laid down some hay mulch in the square garden. Here’s the mulched garden:???????????????????????????????I saw this earwig bug face-first sleeping in a daylily flower. I thought, “What a nice way to spend time! Wish I could do that!”yes 026The coneflowers were glowing in the sun. White ones are my favorite:???????????????????????????????yes 039???????????????????????????????Some nice daylilies appeared this morning, too. Here is Fairy Tale Pink:???????????????????????????????And a nice red just opening:???????????????????????????????I got some nice photos of the gooseneck loosestrife, too:

the patch

the patch


One thought on “Beautiful morning in the garden

  1. Nice photos Anne. I’m up and heading out to fish this morning as the River is beautiful too. Be well my Friend.

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