Getting ready for the garden party

We got more bales of mulch hay from the field across the street. David stacked them neatly under the pine trees. ???????????????????????????????I’ve been putting it on the garden in thick slabs, which the plants and the critters just love. I weeded and then mulched the daylilies against the cellar stairs this way and the cats both decided this was a wonderful place to relax. ???????????????????????????????I also continue to bring home tubs of wood shaving mulch in my “mulch-mobile”, also known as a Subaru Impreza. ???????????????????????????????I got a nice beebalm from a friend years ago, a deep wine-red color. I also got, from the store I think, a soft light pink. This spring my pink patch was sprinkled with a deeper shade of cherry pink–I think it crossed itself with the darker kind, if that is possible. Here’s a picture of it:???????????????????????????????The other day we had a very strong wind that took down one of the black walnuts, and knocked over all but one of a patch of ornamental sunflowers. Most other plants survived, although they all look a little lean-y. ???????????????????????????????The two giant old maples in the front yard scattered dead branches large and small all over the garden, and I decided to use them to make a fence. Here it is!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’ve been weeding and mulching indutriously to prepare for the garden party on the 15th. Daylilies are starting to bloom, just in time for the guests. Here’s a nice orange one that opened this morning:???????????????????????????????The cats are such good garden company. As soon as I sit down they show up to get petted and encourage us to relax. This morning I had my coffee sitting on a little cement-block/wood plank “bench” under the apple tree, with Mr Fluff next to me and the morning sun lighting up the garden. Heaven! Michele, I can’t compete with your beautiful river view, but this is a close second!morning sun

One thought on “Getting ready for the garden party

  1. Anne, I’ll try to capture the sunrise on The River tomorrow morning at 05:00 when I go out fishing. I’l send you the picture if I can. And perhaps a photo of my catch if I’m lucky. But your garden is just beautiful and I’m glad you can enjoy it all summer. Be well My Friend.

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