One tired out gardener

I think I’ll take a few days off from gardening! Even with my sister-in-law’s help I’m tired out from getting ready for the garden party. It was a fun party, with around 25 people, and excellent weather. The peonies obliged by starting to bloom just that day. ???????????????????????????????Before the party M. and I worked on weeding and widening the southside path. It is not finished, but we made a good start, and “planted” a beautiful hitching-post-shaped stoneĀ  in what will eventually be a low stone wall lining a nice, curving wide path.

the southside walk before we worked on it

the southside walk before we worked on it

Here is looks now, half-done: ???????????????????????????????Another big job I did before the party is weed, put down newspaper, and hay mulch in the hosta bed under the kitchen window. Here’s the before picture:garden 001And here is the after picture:???????????????????????????????Very satisfying! After the party I went around and staked the delphinium:???????????????????????????????We also found what looks like a maple-leaf or some similar vibernum growing along the road in our woods, and brought it down to live in the back yard. I am sure we cut some of its roots in the process, but I trimmed it back and watered it generously, and it seems to be fine. Here’s a picture of it:???????????????????????????????Oriental poppies, siberian iris, campanula glomerata, clematis and roses are also blooming now:???????????????????????????????June 17 001June 17 013???????????????????????????????The rose smells wonderful, and the bumblebees think so, too:June 17 023


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