Jeanne, don’t read this post

You might be tempted to sneak up here and steal mulch in the Jeanne-the mulch-bandit-van. So, sometimes farmers just can’t get hay bales picked up fast enough, and then the bales get rained on and they’re no good as hay, so they have to be dumped. I call this kind of hay “dead hay” and it’s good for garden mulch if you don’t mind the weed seeds that tag along. Last summer our neighbor had this happen right across the street from us. All winter I looked at all that mulch sitting out in the field. Here’s a even a photograph of them from last December:hay field with dead balesA few days ago David and I saw the farmer come by with a tractor and hay wagon to start picking up these now very dead bales, so he could dump them in a corner of the field, to keep them from getting in the way of this year’s hay. We hustled across the street to make a deal: we will help you pick up these bales if we can then unload them in our yard to use as mulch! It was no easy job. Those bales were already happily turning into dirt, complete with lots of worms. Great! We had to pick them up with a pitch fork because the baling twine had rotted. I made David take a photo of how much hay mulch we ended up with. I warned you Jeanne! Just remember, envy is a sin!???????????????????????????????In other gardening news, I created a cute little stone-lined walkway leading into the bench under the pine tree in the square garden. Here are the before, during, and after photos:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????garden 091?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It took me about two hours of concentrated effort, including hauling stones in my little wagon, moving plants that were in the pathway, laying the stones, etc. After that I took a break on the front porch with two large glasses of water with lime juice added–our healthy version of lemonade! garden 097

3 thoughts on “Jeanne, don’t read this post

  1. Thou shalt not tempt me!!!!! Who needs that much mulch, girl!!! And moving it is going to be an awful lot of work….but something tells me you are up for it!! Love the new path.

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