staking peonies and so forth


This morning was cool and overcast. Good day for weeding and transplanting. I have yarrow that I just love and it loves my garden, maybe a bit too much. It’s the tall, fuzzy, greyish yarrow, here’s a photo of it from last year:July 6 090It is a little bit high maintenance, since it flops if I don’t stake it, and it spreads like mad, shoving into its neighbors. This morning I pulled out a big chuck of it that was crowding the delphinium, divided it into three pieces, and planted those in the new back yard:???????????????????????????????That section of the back yard now has catmint and yarrow, so I’ll keep planting aromatic things there. Yesterday I staked two peonies in the front yard and this morning I staked another two in the back yard. Only 26 peonies to go! Ye gads. How did I end up with 30 peonies?? David was around so I asked him to take some pictures of me staking and planting and later hanging out with the cat. Here are the pics:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The cats seem to really like being where we are outside. They’ll lie around near where we are working, and as soon as I sit down on a chair or bench they come over and sit on me or beside me. Anyway, here are a few pictures I took of the back yard standing under the apple tree:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????this morning 008I also took a picture of a hosta–they are almost all unfurled now and some are even sending up flower stalks already. This one has pretty leaves:this morning 010

3 thoughts on “staking peonies and so forth

  1. So, I really shouldn’t share things that make me sound like a fool but… I read the title as “STALKING peonies and so forth”. I was expecting a much different blog post!

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