Back yard construction!


Yesterday was hot and sunny, the soil getting a little dry. Today we had some wonderful warm summer showers and two good downpours, so the newly planted annuals should be set for awhile. Yesterday I did some major work in the back yard. Here is a picture from 2008 in July when the top section of the back yard was still grass and the back yard had just been started.  july 4 08 078Here it is in July 2010, with a little more height, more filled in, and a newly-planted lilac:July 2010 058July 2010 049Above you can see where the top of the backyard garden is–and there is a strip of sod there. It stayed that way for a few years. The grass was nice for putting chairs and sitting–in theory. It looked inviting, but we never sat down in those chairs! Either we were busy gardening or the bugs were bad. July 27 2010 052The garden to the right in this picture above gave another boundary to the back yard. And the bed under the apple tree had a nice sharp edge to it and a low rock wall as well.  July 27 2010 063Then I added a rock-lined raised bed around the telephone pole in June 2012:June 14 067The back yard was shrinking away by bites. Last year we decided to do away with it altogether. We used big sheets of cardboard from the furniture store to smother the grass and lots of hay on top. ???????????????????????????????Then yesterday I decided to work on it some more. We planned out a nice wide path and I planted some annuals just to have some color there while we decide what to plant there. Here are the pictures I took of the process and the end result:

just starting out

just starting out

getting an edge, removing sode

getting an edge, removing sod

little rock wall around the peony plant

little rock wall around the peony plant

Adding a wide path diagonally through the area:???????????????????????????????And some nice bright annuals:garden summery 017Elsewhere in the garden now the iris, dame’s rocket and Star of Bethlehem are blooming. garden summery 024garden summery 008???????????????????????????????We have been working a lot in the vegetable garden. The cats love to hang out there with us. Here is Mr Fluff with the chives:???????????????????????????????Here’s the vegetable garden in morning sun:???????????????????????????????


2 thoughts on “Back yard construction!

  1. Favorite sentence of this entry? “Here is Mr Fluff with the chives.” Definitely put a smile on my face… thanks!

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