Quick garden update

The semester officially ended for me when I sent in the students’ grades on the 18th. There’s plenty more to do in the office, of course: planning next semesters’ courses and doing some summer research, etc. But the schedule is relaxed, and there’s plenty of time for gardening–which is where I’m heading next. I’ll write a longer post in a few days but for now just a few updates:

Lilacs are blooming, taking over the main stage from the narcissus and tulips, which are still blooming but past peak.

Charles Joly lilac

Charles Joly lilac

white lilac

white lilac

???????????????????????????????Narcissus poeticus recurvus–wonderful spicy scent

may 22 079???????????????????????????????In the tulip department, I have been charmed by the Angelique doubles. They bloomed late for me, and look like small peonies. may 22 053may 22 057???????????????????????????????Everything is bursting and green, and weeds have not really started to grow yet. I’ve been hauling loads of old wood shavings from the University stables, for mulch and also for paths.

a widened path down to the potting shed

a widened path down to the potting shed

Here is the refurbished apple tree garden. I removed the day lilies, transplanting them to the hillside, as you can see. The next day I added old horse manure compost and on top of that lots of mulch. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????In the front yard I was thrilled to see that the wood betony I got from a huge patch in a nearby woods has made it through the winter, and is spreading, and blooming!???????????????????????????????For my birthday my Dad bought me a gold-leaved ninebark shrub.

It is to the left in this picture--the ninebark shrub will get quite a bit taller before long.

It is to the left in this picture–the ninebark shrub will get quite a bit taller before long.

I planted it in the front yard, the sunnier top part; perfect timing! we had a soaking rain this morning, so no need to water it today. I also bought a small bayberry shrub with gorgeous dark purple leaves–and stickers! may 22 086Here is the cat photo for the day–Tater walking toward me and complaining the whole way “Did you know there’s no cat food in the dishes on the front porch??!!” he is saying. may 22 083More later…

One thought on “Quick garden update

  1. I can actually imagine Tater was saying that Anne. Glad your class work has slowed down so you can do what you love in the gardens.

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