Full on Springtime


The Mother’s Day party was a wonderful success–sunny, a little cool and fairly breezy. It was made more festive because someone (bless her) brought a small grill and made hot dogs. Others brought yummy food, including a quiche made with wild leeks! I was busy in the garden of course up to the very last moment pulling weeds and tidying up. The first thing we did with some early guests is plant the azalea that my barn buddies bought for me in memory of my Mom. Here it is:may 12 garden 045I’m not sure how hardy it will be–we will see. The bumblebees love it. The daffodils and tulips did come out for the party, just barely in time. Here are some pictures of the daffs and tulips:may 12 garden 054??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????And I am always amazed at the variety and number of little critters in the garden–in the soil, grubs and centipedes, worms and ants; on the flowers spiders, flies and bees, and in the air the songbirds are extremely busy building nests and carousing. Here are some little spiders:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Also blooming are the pulmonaria:may 12 garden 084And a gorgeous purple primrose I planted last summer:may 12 garden 079The yellow and red primroses are almost blooming:may 12 garden 092I’ll end with some nice random garden shots. Here is a new bit of garden art, courtesy of my artistic niece:may 12 garden 077And here is the obligatory cat picture:may 12 garden 095And a few pictures of ferns, Solomon’s Seal, False Solomon’s Seal, and a few other things:may 12 garden 090

Solomon's Seal

Solomon’s Seal

false solomon's seal

false solomon’s seal

my little pagoda dogwood "golden shadows" made it through the winter!

my little pagoda dogwood “golden shadows” made it through the winter!

may 12 garden 040


1 thought on “Full on Springtime

  1. Anne, it was so fun coming to your party. Thanks for the invite and I’ll plan on it for next year. Be well my Friend.

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