a virtual garden tour, May 1st

Yesterday afternoon under a dark sky I wandered around the yard taking pictures. Here is a tour of the main gardens, and then I’ll put some of the individual plants.

We will start in the back yard:

back yard, May 1

back yard, May 1

As you can see I still have some “clean up” to do in terms of removing last year’s stalks. Here is under the apple tree, which is part of the back yard but I think of it as a separate garden:???????????????????????????????Going counter-clockwise around the house, the next stop is the two northside gardens. Here is the middle section of the lower one, also known as the sandy garden:may 1 013And here is the upper northside garden, also known as the square garden:???????????????????????????????Then we cross the driveway again to get to the front yard. There are a lot of stalks here from last year’s phlox and other plants. The two giant maple trees at the bottom of the front yard shed branches and twigs onto this garden over the winter, and left a heavy blanket of maple leaves. Should these dropped branches all be neatly picked up and all the leaves raked away? This year, I’m only removing the biggest branches–I’m going to let the rest lie. ???????????????????????????????may 1 020At the bottom of the front yard is our lovely potting shed (needs new siding but it is sound and spacious). Against the potting shed wall we added dump-truck loads of heavy, clayey soil from the ditch that was dug out in one of our hay fields.  (I only found out how clayey and heavy AFTER it was in place!) I have “leavened” this dirt with dead leaves and stalks and other “brown” composting materials, and top dressed it heavily with moldy hay. I planted it with tough  shade lovers like hostas (bless them, they grow in just about anything), goose-neck loosestrife, solomon’s seal, lily-of-the-valley, and such. It doesn’t look like much now but this photo can be a good “before” shot.???????????????????????????????Next we come to the southside garden that runs all along the side of the house and ends in the meditation garden. Here’s the southside walkway:???????????????????????????????The southside walkway overlooks the vegetable garden:???????????????????????????????Here is the bedraggled meditation garden:???????????????????????????????And that brings us full circle back to the back yard garden. I took this picture standing in the threshold between the meditation garden and the back yard:???????????????????????????????So here are some of the individual plants yesterday– small red early tulips, blue scilla, pink hyacinth, and pulmonaria:may 1 010???????????????????????????????may 1 033???????????????????????????????Other plants are not near blooming time but are assertively growing, almost visibly taller each day, and looking very healthy. Here are some of them:





bleeding heart

bleeding heart

I think this is a dwarf goatsbeard, but it could be an astilbe

I think this is a dwarf goatsbeard

Out in the pasture, calves cavort, Canada geese compete honkily for good nesting spots, killdeer keen and Spring peepers peep. I only have a photo of the calves:may 1 005Spring is here, and this is also the last day of classes at the university, so I’ll be spending more hours outside getting everything spiffy for the Mother’s Day garden party. This morning I looked at the John Scheeper’s Beauty from Bulbs catalog picking out what I want to order for next Spring already!


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