In the very merry month of May…

This week it’s raining, raining, raining. It’s the last day of April today, and this kind of warm-ish rain will make the garden pop. I have short red tulips that bloomed on Monday, which was sunny, and since then they’ve closed up to wait out the rain. I don’t have pictures of them yet, but I will soon. The bright yellow large trumpet daffodils are opening, and Ice Follies. The others are still only budded. Here are some pictures of the garden from about a week ago–

chiondoxa or glory-of-the-snow

chiondoxa or glory-of-the-snow

clump of budded narcissus

clump of budded narcissus



These pictures are from last Thursday, and now everything is greener and higher. Also, the beef cows in our pastures are busy having calves–there are six now and eight still to come.

This year I am going to remove dead stalks of last year’s plants but I’m not going to rake leaves–I’ll leave them for mulch. I do have to go around and uncover some clumps of daffodils that haven’t been able to shed the layer of maple leaves in the front yard. All the other plants seem able to shoulder the leaves aside.

2 thoughts on “In the very merry month of May…

  1. We are hoping to come to the garden party Anne. My mother and sisters are coming here for a late breakfast and as long as it’s not pouring we’ll drive over after. Be well my Friend.

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