Mother’s Day garden party coming up!

???????????????????????????????OK, I cheated–this is from April 2013–things are later this year. But we will have our annual Mother’s Day garden party and potluck no matter what flowers are up. Should be plenty of daffodils to admire by then. The date is May 11. We’re working on the invitation now. Here are some pictures from last year around Mother’s day:double daffodils???????????????????????????????tulips in sunpink bleeding hearthome may 1 022Although we don’t have daffodils yet, except for a few early yellow trumpets in a “hot spot”, I don’t mind–I am enjoying the soft, warm, moist air, the Spring peepers in the evenings, and songbirds filling the air with their music during the day. Last night around midnight an owl was hooting close by the house. Soon the trees will be flowering. Pussy willows are blooming. Spring might be delayed this year, but it reminds me of Gandalf’s rejoinder when he was accused of being late: “I arrive precisely when I mean to.” Whenever the Spring blooms arrive, I will be happy to see them.


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