Sodden and Squashed

That just about sums it up. Ice and snow are still covering a good part of the garden, and as this retreats it leaves a squashed landscape behind. Here are some pictures of the mess:

Northside "sand" garden and a dirty snow pile

Northside “sand” garden and a dirty snow pile

???????????????????????????????It’s that time of year when snow is anything but pretty and white. Most of the snow is gone from the southern and western sides of the house. Here is the southside garden:



The green is the indomitable hesperis matronalis or dame’s rocket, and some forget-me-nots that have been recently chewed on by the foraging rabbits and groundhogs. As you can see, I don’t do any Autumn “clean up”, so removing the old stalks and leaves are a Spring chore. Here is a closer picture of the dame’s rocket–invading the path, but who cares? I’ll move them after they’ve bloomed. ???????????????????????????????Near these a patch of narcissus have poked up through the leaves: misc apr 7 031Below is the front yard–browns still prevail here, with no sign of narcissus or any other bulbs yet:misc apr 7 021 In the vegetable garden, David just this morning planted fava beans, shell peas, spinach and radishes. In the picture below you can see the frame of a hoop house that was uncovered by a late winter wind storm, but you can also see how rich the soil looks. He has several other cold frames and small hoop houses started. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I plan to go to the store to buy seed starting soil to start my flower seeds. I have delphinium, marine heliotrope, nasturtium, sunflower, zinnia, and rudbeckia seeds. The weather still does not encourage much outdoor gardening. But, we did go on our first “garden tour” of the year this morning, our daily habit in gardening season, when we stroll around the house looking at what’s new. We also signaled the start of real Spring by putting the two iron ducks near the side door as a welcoming committee!welcoming committee

2 thoughts on “Sodden and Squashed

  1. Last year I planted spinach, lettuces, and radishes on April 16th. The ground is still frozen here at 2″ so I’m thinking that won’t happen this year. I’m looking forward to some pretty pictures from you Anne! Be well my Friend.

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