Patience required

Will Spring ever come? Lots of snow is still blanketing everything this week.  And temperatures are below zero at night, only up to the teens during the day. Big piles of snow cover all the gardens.???????????????????????????????But, if it’s going to be windy and cold, having a thick blanket of snow is good. This picture below is of the back yard this morning–the tulip and narcissus bulbs are under there somewhere!???????????????????????????????It’s clear that animals are coming out of hibernation. Animal tracks of all kinds are everywhere, and we’ve seen many owls and hawks on the hunt, too. We saw a woodchuck crossing the road the other day. Possums and crows raid our compost pile. Raccoon tracks criss-cross the haymow floor. Mice tunnels and tracks are all over, along with deer, rabbit, and squirrel tracks. Skunks are out and about, from the smell on our front porch. And of course the days are getting longer. But the snow is making it look like winter. Here is the front yard, with four foot drifts.???????????????????????????????Here’s the view looking Northwest over the field across the street:???????????????????????????????We can only be patient. Here are my two horses, modeling patience for me:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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