Spring is coming, but winter is holding on

There’s plenty of deep snow but it is getting warmer and there are animal tracks everywhere. This morning in the kitchen David watched a mole squeeze itself through the furnace duct grate. The cats ignored it completely (they get the mice, no problem) so they must know that moles taste awful. It ran under the fridge so who knows where it is by now, poor thing. Outside mice tracks go everywhere. We saw mouse tracks in the snow at my sister’s house yesterday also. Her new cold frame glass had an amazing frost pattern on it–we’ve never seen anything like it. Here are some pictures she took:SAM_9275SAM_9276SAM_9277SAM_9278SAM_9279SAM_9280We got to see her beautiful chickens, too. But with a foot of snow on the ground there and here, there’s not much more to do than dream and admire garden catalogs.


3 thoughts on “Spring is coming, but winter is holding on

  1. The frost patterns are stunning! Did the glass cover planets from the fall? Ghost ferns, angel spirals, lovely lace…

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