when a garden blogger gets bored

Sorry, but I just can’t get enthusiastic lately about winter landscapes. And it is not yet time to plant seeds. Yes, the amaryllis are stunning, but I’m an outdoor gardener at heart.

the bay window, with red and white amaryllis and a hibiscus flower

the bay window, with red and white amaryllis and a hibiscus flower

So, I thought I’d pick a color and post about the flowers of a particular color. Yes I should be grading essays and preparing for Monday’s classes, but what the heck. It’s friday! So the color of the day is……

warm red close upred and yellow. This is a daylily, unnamed. I bought a great collection in 2006 from White Flower Farm of 18 unnamed seedlings. This is one of my favorites–it is a warm, brick red. Here’s a picture of the whole flower:warm redAnother nice red-yellow combination was an heirloom lily I bought in 2005. I ordered pink, and they sent the wrong lily. I think the one I got was even more beautiful:heirloom lily resizedUnfortunately, this lily was the victim of the red lily bug scourge I had that wiped out my lilies. Here’s a nice red and yellow combination in a tulip from last year:tulipsThese tulips are magical–I got them in 2002, when the front yard was still lawn. They came from my friend JWB in a whole bushel of small tulip bulbs from when she dug up and divided hers. These have come up ever since, which is amazing considering that most of my tulips get eaten or simply stop blooming after two or three years.

Another beautiful red/yellow blossom is a primrose –I don’t know where I got these, probably  from either Bluestone Perennials or White Flower Farm. From a distance it just looks orange, but close ups of the blossom show a wonderful subtle pattern:primrose blossomThe distance view:primrosespatch of red yellow primroseAnd here is another primrose, with a darker crimson red and a bright yellow center. I got these from a gardening friend KB, and every spring I divide them to get more.

red velvet primroseHere’s a closer-up:red velvetWell, maybe it is more pink than red, but I’ll end with a June rose, yellow in the center and with a busy bee visiting.garden late June 067Maybe next post I’ll choose another color–stay tuned!


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