Cats and cooking inside while the garden sleeps the winter away

The title says it all. This is the weekend after our first week back at classes for a new semester. I took Saturday off completely, slept in late, and got a lot of cat therapy! I also enjoyed cooking. Here is my Saturday morning:winterscapes 025The all-important cup of coffee on the table, and surrounded by sleepy, relaxed cats. Nothing better. The wood stove was trying to keep up with the cold, windy weather outside. winterscapes 026Chatting with Mr. Fluff. So, later on I decided to try a recipe from our new cookbook, the Moosewood Simple Suppers. I made curried cauliflower soup with chickpeas and tomatoes, roasted parsnips and potatoes (from our garden–the potatoes are purple, which I still find strange!), and roasted squash. Like any self-respecting blogger, I took pictures of the whole process!winterscapes 027???????????????????????????????Here is how the soup came out, and it tasted as good as it looks. ???????????????????????????????All three dishes. And we honored the food by setting the table and lighting a candle. winterscapes 032Then this morning while I was upstairs practicing saxophone, David hollered up the stairs that a herd of deer was in the front yard. He took a few photos through the front door:winterscapes 033winterscapes 034winterscapes 035In the front yard you can see a lot of branches that came down in the recent ice storm.


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